New Elevate Series – Interrogative – Begins Tomorrow Night! (October 1)

INT_seriesSlide1024x768Questions leave a mark on our lives.

The questions we answer help to determine who we are and who we become. The questions we can’t answer can haunt us and keep us from discovering or living out the destiny God has in store for us. Our questions, our interrogatives, surround us and intrigue us and control us in ways deeper than we often realize.

Because questions are so influential, we need to have the courage to ask them. We need to find a way to bring our questions to the One who can lead us to an answer — Jesus. As we let the questions in and live the answer out, we’ll discover that we can drink in His life and pour out our lives. And in the process, we’ll find that the mark our questions for Jesus leave on our lives becomes not just an interrogative but an exclamation pointing others to our God.

Here are the lessons in this series:

Session 1: Can I ask you a question?
Text: Mark 9:30-32
The Point: Let the questions in.

Session 2: Are you the One?
Text: Matthew 11:1-6
The Point: Live the answer out.

Session 3: How can you ask me for a drink?
Text: John 4:5-14
The Point: Drink in His life.

Session 4: Why this waste?
Text: Mark 14:1-9
The Point: Pour out your life.


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I like sports, food, gadgets, and entertainment. I love Jesus. I tend to talk about those things.

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