Life Group Leaders: Accessing Your Lesson Guides

Several of our Life Group leaders had a difficult time accessing their lesson guides, so I thought I would post a little tutorial with pictures (I like pictures!) to help everyone out. So here we go!

After you log in, click on “Upcoming,” which is located under “Dashboard.”



When you go to “Upcoming,” you will see the next three lessons that are coming up with the dates listed for each. Click on the title of the first one to access this week’s lesson.



Here you will be taken to the week’s lesson. You can see several tabs: Leader Preparation, The Before & After, Lesson Guide, Media, and Downloads. It begins with Leader Preparation. Scroll down to view it.




The Leader Preparation gives you a quick look at the lesson. You are given brief Lesson Overview, the Lesson Objectives, Primary Scripture, Secondary Scripture(s), Teaching Prep, and a place to Share Your Thoughts with other leaders. Read through this to get a good idea of what the lesson is about and the main points you will want to communicate to your students.




Click on “The Before & After” to access the texts/tweets (Don’t worry about the Parent Email; Michael will send that out each week.) You can text or tweet these to your students the day before Life Groups. (Just make sure you say “tomorrow” instead of “tonight.”)




Click on “Lesson Guide” to view the actual lesson for the week.




The Lesson Guide is what you will use to lead the small group study and discussion. It has an opening question/activity, the teaching points, extra discussion, some thoughts on how to live out the lesson, and a memory verse for the week. There is no way you will be able to go through the entire lesson in 40 minutes. You will need to pick the questions you feel are most appropriate to your group. Please make sure you communicate the teaching points, but feel free to tweak the questions or add your own. We also want to do our best to give the students a challenge to apply the lesson in their life this week and for the whole group to learn the memory verse.




To print out the lesson guide or save it to your computer/tablet/phone, click on the “Downloads” tab. There you will have access to a Word document version and a PDF version. By downloading the Word document, you can edit the lesson guide on your computer, changing the questions as you need. You can also edit the guide online by clicking on the “Customize This Lesson” button located underneath the lesson title near the top of the page. You can then download your edited PDF version to your computer. You may also use your tablet or phone to go to the LIVE website and access the lesson guide and use it during your small group time.

Live 7



You can also access your lessons by going to the Calendar. First, click on the “Menu” button in the upper righthand corner of the screen. Then click on “Calendar.”




On your calendar you will see your lessons and MX Students Events. These will be in different colors to help you differentiate between the two. Just click on the lesson you want in order to access it.



Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!



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