The Story

We will be introducing The Story at McKnight Crossings on Sunday, September 2 in our worship service. (This will be a combined service in the auditorium at 10 AM; Bible classes will not meet that morning.) We will begin The Story in our Bible classes the next Sunday, September 9.

The Story is for the entire family. There are adult and teen versions. They are exactly the same, except for a few added helps for teens. There is even a young readers’ version, a children’s storybook, and a storybook for little kids. And, if you would rather have someone read The Story to you, there is also an audio version!

The Story will take our entire church through the Bible during the school year. Each week there will be a chapter (sections of Scripture) to read. Then, that Sunday, we will discuss the chapter in our Bible classes and worship services.

So here are a few ideas of how to use The Story with your family.

  • Have everyone read the chapter on their own, and then pick a night to discuss it as a family. You could do this at dinner time, or in the family room.  Each chapter is only about 15 pages, and could be easily read at one sitting or short readings each day. We have Parent Pages with discussion questions for preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school students.
  • Pick a night each week to read The Story together. You could take turns reading the chapter or choose one person to read that night. After reading together, use the Parent Pages to spark family discussion.
  • In addition to discussion questions, the Parents Pages also contain activities to enjoy as a family that relate to the chapter. You could do these in addition to the discussion questions or in place of them, as these activities will also spark discussion. They would be perfect for a Saturday morning or afternoon.
  • Buy the audio CD version of The Story and listen to a chapter together one night each week. Use the Parent Pages or come up with your own questions to consider.
  • While listening to The Story, have your kids draw/paint a picture, write a poem, or write in a journal about their thoughts on that chapter. Have them share their creation and explain its meaning.
  • Invite a family in your neighborhood over to your house and experience The Story together. Encourage them to ask questions, and then search for the answers together. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer. Continue to search throughout the week, asking others. Remember that God is bigger than our minds can comprehend; there is a lot of mystery surrounding him. That’s what makes him God. If we could completely figure him out, how could he be God? (I don’t even have myself figured out!)

I hope these ideas will help you and your family get into The Story. Get excited, because this is going to have a huge impact on our church!

For more ideas, information, videos, etc., check out The Story on Facebook:


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